Reward Points

We are proud to introduce the Reward Points Program, available free of charge. Just create an account and you’re automatically enrolled. As a Member of the Rewards program, every time you shop you earn points -- points that can be redeemed for discounts on later purchases. Every dollar you spend equals 1 point earned. Redeem those points for discounts on your next order, or keep adding to your point total, and save for a larger discount.

Every Dollar spent, 1 point is rewarded to your account.
250 points equal to $25.00 off your order.
500 points = $50 off your order
750 points = $75 off your order
1000 points = $100 off you order

There is a discount limit of 100 dollars. Once you have over 1000 points in your account, be sure to redeem those points on your next order.

Be on the lookout for our double and triple point bonuses. Rewards members will have the opportunity to earn double and triple the points on some of your purchases. We will announce these specials through our message board affiliates and twitter account (

Thank you for all your support through the years, this is our way of giving back to all the customers that have been and will continue to be loyal to us.

*Note: A minimum of 250 reward points must be in your account before you can apply them at checkout. Reward points expire within one year of acquiring them.